Pocket Collection Privacy Policy

Pocket Collections apps are used to acquire, store and manage any private collection of items like coins, stamps, notes, etc.
All data are stored into a folder inside your device and it is not shared on any web server (make your own backups on a regular basis).
The apps may work without any internet connection but they become more useful when you can download resources like pictures, flags, maps and so on.
All the Pocket Collections apps need all of the following authorizations to work in the best way:

In no way the app store or collect informations about the user or its installed apps.
No private data is sent or stored in local device or in remote servers.
In some circumstances an anonymous report (contains info like OS version, device type and version, screen orientation, app settings and so on) will be sent to a central server to retrieve informations about some unexpected crashes.
All authentication processes to external clouds or eBay use the OAuth2 standard protocol, so no username, password or token was stored on the device by the apps (and for this reason they must be re-entered every time it's needed).
The only exception is your Colnect account that is stored in the config file of the app, but this is an information freely available on the site.

Revision 2016/12/21